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Go Big or Go Home | This Family Cannot Function on Small

If you were to ask my mother-in-law, she would tell you that we are the type that jumps into everything feet first. In other words, we don’t do things small. You want Italian food? Cool. We will offer you made from scratch noodles, 14 ingredient meatballs and homemade pasta sauce or maybe even white wine risotto and roasted chicken. Yum! God wants us to adopt? Cool. We will adopt sibling groups; six kids in a year and a half. Vegetable garden? We want function and beauty rolled up like a burrito. So that means tomato teepee trellises, fire ring raised beds, 452 onions, 8 varieties of pepper plants and mini climbing trellises for our cucs. Remodel our house? Okay…guys, we ripped the whole thing apart.

Here’s What Started It All :

Yes, we ripped the whole house apart. I’m not kidding. A few months ago my husband said to me, “Sure….just pull up that corner of the carpet. Maybe we can refinish the original hardwoods.” Nope. So we laid new floor. It was life changing for us. We have six kids, two dogs and two cats. I hate carpet.

big family

About two months later, we decided to finish laying floor throughout the hallway. Garrett worked so hard and made all these special cuts to lay the floor perfectly through the doorways and it looked great!

big family

Then came the time to return my favorite piece of furniture, my bookshelf, to its original location. It was the first piece of furniture my hubster ever built for me! Remember when I mentioned uneven floors? Yeah, it no longer fit. The floor wasn’t flat and let’s just say that what was NOT evident with carpet certainly WAS evident now. Additionally, the wall it was set against was improperly built, and thus we opened the giant can o’ worms.

big family

We already had a few too many plans for remodeling the house. So when we starting discussing how to fix the issue, one thing led to another, led to another and so on. We considered fixing the single wall…but that didn’t address the floors. Upon investigation, our floors were not level due to {originally} the foundation settling and {secondarily} a not-so-smart person compromising our main beam and floor joists. To make matters worse, that single wall was a part of the master closet, which was not original to the house, and that closet was floating. It was built without the proper support in the floor and was significantly weighing it down.

It was clear we had to fix the floor. Then we had to rebuild the closet. And if we rebuilt the closet we would need to address the ceiling, also compromised by the 1970’s “remodel”. If we tackled the ceiling, we would have to de-plaster the walls, too. Removing plaster meant we would need a rolloff, or two. Might as well take out the obnoxiously pointless kitchen wall while we’re at it. If you give a mouse a bookshelf, she will want a wrecking bar….you get the point.

Kids vs. Demo Day!

big family

So, we tore it up! 782 buckets of plaster made easier by extremely helpful kids.At the end of two weeks, we had torn out the kitchen wall, two half walls, the living room closet and the ceiling. We filled two rolloffs to the limit…6000 lbs. And our space started to open up! We have a long way to go to reach the finish line, but it has kept us busy and active. I can’t wait to update you soon!

What have you tackled to keep yourselves busy? Ever make big projects a family effort! I’d love to hear from you! Comment and let me know!

As my pastor always says:
May the Lord bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you, and may He give you peace. Amen.



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